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Creating Appointments with Customers: #

Click on an empty spot on the calendar to open up a blank appointment window. If you’re in the mobile app, simply typing in the Customer’s First and Last Name will search all your customer records in database to see if you have a customer added by that name. If a customer exists with that name, it will show you a list below the name field, and you can select that customer to auto-fill all of their information into the appointment window.

If you’re on the web app, you will need to type the customers name into the search bar and select them from the list.

If that customer doesn’t exist, or you want to add a new customer, you will simply type in their  first and last name, and other relevant information, and upon saving the appointment a new customer record will be added to your database.

An Easier Way to Get Customer Information — Your Job Request Link #

Field Rocket was built to be as simple as possible for the owner. We understand that often you’re in the field when you receive calls and texts from your customers. 

That’s why we have a “Job Request Link” that you can text out to your customers, and they can leave their information for you. This makes everything simpler, as after the customer submits their job request, you can simply drag and drop them on to your calendar, without having to type anything in yourself.

What if my customer doesn’t want to fill out this form? It’s never been easier to fill out forms from your smartphone. Most phones remember all the details needed, and will often auto-fill the customer’s information into the form upon them opening the link. This makes it extremely easy for them as well, and also helps make sure they don’t forget any important information that you need, such as their full street address and email.

Additionally, they can attach images and other files to their job request, making sure you have everything needed to schedule or quote their job.

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