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CG Plumbing's Expert Solution to Phil's Pressure Drop Issue in West Bountiful, UT

In the serene neighborhood of West Bountiful, Utah, 

Phil experienced a puzzling issue in his home – a significant pressure drop whenever he used his plumbing. This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience; it was a disruption to his daily life. That’s when he decided to call CG Plumbing, a trusted name in local plumbing services, led by the diligent owner, Carson, and his skilled technician, Shane.

Upon arrival, Carson and Shane quickly assessed the situation. They noted the existing 3/4-inch pressure reducing valve (PRV) made of copper, which was likely the culprit behind the pressure drop. The space available for work was ample, and Carson had a clear picture in his mind of what needed to be done. Their goal was clear: restore Phil’s home plumbing to its optimal functionality.

The solution was precise and effective. Carson and Shane sweated on two 3/4-inch female copper to PEX adapters. This step was crucial to ensure a seamless connection between the existing copper pipes and the new components. The choice of PEX, known for its durability and flexibility, was a testament to CG Plumbing’s commitment to using high-quality materials.

Next, they installed a new 3/4-inch PEX PRV. This component is essential in regulating the water pressure entering Phil’s home, ensuring it remains at a safe and functional level. After the installation, they meticulously tested for leaks – a standard yet critical procedure in any plumbing job.

Finally, the duo set the pressure at a steady 75psi, a sweet spot for residential plumbing systems. This adjustment was the key to resolving the pressure drop issue, bringing back the joy of uninterrupted water flow to Phil’s home.

The materials used in this job included two 3/4-inch sweat female to PEX adapters, a 3/4-inch PEX PRV, and a foot of 3/4-inch PEX pipe. These components, selected for their reliability and compatibility with the existing plumbing system, played a pivotal role in the successful outcome of the job.

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Phil was pleasantly surprised when the final bill amounted to only $325, a fair price for the high-quality work and peace of mind provided by CG Plumbing. His satisfaction with the job reflected CG Plumbing’s dedication to offering affordable and dependable plumbing services in West Bountiful, UT.

For anyone in West Bountiful facing plumbing challenges, CG Plumbing is the go-to service provider. Whether it’s pressure issues, leak repairs, or general plumbing maintenance, Carson, Shane, and their team are equipped to handle it all with expertise and care.

If you’re in need of reliable and efficient plumbing solutions, reach out to CG Plumbing. Their commitment to quality service at affordable prices ensures your plumbing needs are met with the utmost professionalism.