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Affordable Stump Removal by Utah Stump X

Stephen from Sandy was in need of professional stump removal services when he found Utah Stump X. Owner Spencer Townsend offers budget-friendly, fast, and cheap options for any stump removal job. Stephen was looking to grind down a cherry tree stump that was about 2 feet wide, so he reached out for a ballpark estimate.

Utah Stump X offers stump grinding, poisoning, mulch backfill, and more. Spencer and his team can come out for any stump removal job in Sandy – no matter the size. After agreeing on a reasonable price, they quickly got to work.

The area was cleared of debris and the process of grinding the stump began. In no time at all the stump was about 4-6” below grade, ready to be backfilled with mulch for a neat, clean finish. The job had been done with great attention to detail.

stump removal

Stephen was extremely pleased with the prompt and professional services he had received from Utah Stump X. The price was well within budget, and the job was done within a reasonable timeframe. Without a doubt Stephen would recommend Utah Stump X for any stump removal needs.

pear stump grinding

From an old pear stump to a large weeping willow, Spencer and his team will do their best to get the job done as quickly and as affordably as possible. If you’re in Sandy and you’re looking for stump removal services, Utah Stump X is the perfect provider.