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Top Apps Like Jobber and Free Jobber Alternatives

Jobber is one of the most popular softwares for service businesses, also known as field service management software. Jobber is more user friendly than other apps out there, but is it the right fit for your company?

There are many alternatives to Jobber to consider before purchasing a Jobber subscription.

There are other Jobber competitors with software solutions that have similar features such as:

  • Scheduling and dispatching to simplify your job scheduling and work orders.
  • Real time time tracking towards jobs, to track time spent on the jobs and work orders you’re managing day to day.
  • A mobile app for when your in the field, but also including access your account on your computer. Since it’s cloud based, all the data is accessible from your phone on the mobile app and on your computer.
  • Providing estimates to improve your customer experiences.
  • Invoicing, payments, and quickbooks integration to help you stay on top of your company’s finances.

Free Alternatives to Jobber:

Unfortunately, Jobber’s pricing doesn’t have a free tier. Jobber’s lowest price category is $18/month if you’re paying monthly, or $108 for the year if you choose to pay for Jobber month to month.

Consider these Jobber alternatives that have free pricing plans.

  1. Field Rocket –
  2. WorkIz –
  3. YardBook –

Field Rocket is completely free for small companies, and includes plenty of features that Jobber requires the company to pay. Field Rocket is perfect for small businesses, and is easy to use in the Field.

WorkIz similarly has a free tier to begin using similar features, but WorkIz has a drastic jump up to $225 per month, which gets quite expensive as your company grows.

That $225 per month also only includes 5 employees, so if your company has more than 5 employees, then WorkIz gets very expensive, very fast.

YardBook is another free alternative, and is more affordable than both Jobber and WorkIz, but unfortunately their Mobile App is not very easy to use while you’re in the field.

YardBook can’t be used with iPhones. Therefore, if you have an iPhone and are often in the field, you are not able to use this software.

Field Rocket is the ideal choice if you’re working in the field. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The pricing is affordable, no matter how many people are in your company – 1 or 20. Unlike Jobber or WorkIz, the pricing does not increase exponentially.

Jobber Alternatives with Lower Pricing:

  1. Field Rocket
  2. YardBook
  3. Service M8

1. Field Rocket is a budget-friendly alternative to Jobber that provides a range of functionalities. With a starting price of free, and only escalating to $19/month at its highest tier, it is a very accessible option for businesses of all sizes. Its strong selling point is its user-friendliness; the mobile app is notably simple and intuitive to use. This is especially advantageous for businesses that require frequent on-the-go access to their service management system.

2. YardBook

YardBook is another alternative that starts off as free but can get expensive due to its payment processing fee, which stands at 4% per payment. This cost can add up quickly, both for you and your customers, especially if a lot of transactions are made. YardBook is also limited in its device compatibility, as it only works on Android phones. In addition, its user-friendliness is somewhat lacking; both the browser version and mobile app aren’t very intuitive to use.

3. Service M8

Service M8 is a more extensive system that offers a variety of features. It starts at $4.50/month for the first six months, then $9/month for the Lite version, which offers all the essential features for sole traders. The Starter version is $14.50/month for the first six months, then $29/month, and the Growing version is $39.50/month for the first six months, then $79/month. Each tier increases the number of new jobs per month and adds more features.

The Premium version, the most comprehensive, is $74.50/month for the first six months, then $149/month. Despite its variety of features and scales, ServiceM8 can get expensive quite quickly and its interface may be confusing for some users, particularly those who are new to service management software.

High Priced Jobber Alternatives with More Features:

  1. Service Titan —
  2. Housecall Pro —

1. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is a feature-rich alternative to Jobber that caters particularly well to home service businesses. With advanced scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, and reporting functionalities, ServiceTitan provides an all-in-one platform to streamline business operations and boost productivity. It also includes marketing automation tools to facilitate customer base growth and offers integration with a variety of popular software applications.

However, it’s important to note that ServiceTitan comes with a hefty price tag. It is notably expensive and does not publicly disclose its pricing structure on its website, which can cause inconvenience when trying to assess potential costs. Prices can range from $400/month per employee to as high as $1000/month per employee. In addition, ServiceTitan also charges substantial setup fees that can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, ServiceTitan might be more suitable for larger businesses or those with more complex needs that can justify the high investment.

2. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is another robust Jobber alternative that offers an extensive range of tools to help manage field service businesses more efficiently. Features include scheduling, dispatching, job management, invoicing, payment processing, and customer communication. It also includes a ‘Follow the Job’ feature that provides a comprehensive overview of each job from start to finish.

However, like ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro is a more expensive option. The Basic plan starts at $65 per month for a single user, offering solutions to optimize and streamline your business. The Essentials plan, catering to 1-5 users and providing advanced tools to simplify and scale operations, costs $169 per month. The pricing for the MAX plan, designed for businesses with 1-100+ users, is not publicly disclosed and interested parties must contact Housecall Pro for a quote. This plan is likely to be significantly more expensive, especially as the number of users increases. Please note that the number of users for each plan is capped, and once the limit is exceeded, the price increases exponentially.


Jobber is a popular software choice for service businesses, providing robust field service management tools that are user-friendly and intuitive. However, as every business’s needs are unique, it’s important to explore alternatives before making a final decision.

While Jobber doesn’t have a free tier, alternatives like Field Rocket, WorkIz, and YardBook offer free pricing plans to get started. However, Field Rocket emerges as a standout choice for small businesses that work more in the field and need to save money. With an extremely simple mobile interface and a pricing structure that remains affordable regardless of the size of your team, Field Rocket is a fantastic budget-friendly Jobber alternative.

Other lower-priced alternatives to Jobber include YardBook and Service M8, but they come with their respective limitations. YardBook is not very user-friendly and has limitations on device compatibility, while Service M8, although feature-rich, can get expensive quickly and might be confusing for some users.

For larger businesses needing an all-encompassing feature set, ServiceTitan and Housecall Pro offer more advanced functionalities. However, they come with significant costs. ServiceTitan does not publicly disclose its pricing, but rates can range from $400 to $1000 per month per employee, and setup fees can run into the thousands. Housecall Pro is also on the expensive side, with prices starting at $65 per month for a single user and scaling up quickly as more users are added.


After assessing the Jobber alternatives, Field Rocket emerges as the best choice for small businesses that need a simple user interface, do more work in the field, and are looking to save money. Its ease of use, compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, and a pricing structure that remains affordable regardless of your team size make it a perfect choice for small businesses.

On the other hand, ServiceTitan stands out as the go-to Jobber alternative for large enterprise companies that need a comprehensive feature set and have many employees. Despite its high cost, it offers advanced functionalities that can streamline operations, boost productivity, and facilitate customer base growth.

In the end, choosing the right field service management software boils down to your business’s specific needs, size, and budget. Whether it’s Field Rocket or ServiceTitan, each offers unique advantages to suit different business needs.


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