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Taylorsville Utah, Cheap Furnace Replacement

The previous furnace in John’s Taylorsville home. This furnace was no longer working, and needed to be replaced by Perform Heating & Cooling.

Taylorsville Utah, York Furnace, Brand New Furnace Installation

The New Furnace Installed in Taylorsville, Utah for John. This is a 95% York Furnace, which uses less natural gas to heat the home, and saves homeowners money on their gas bills

Warmth and Efficiency in Taylorsville: Wendy and John’s Story with Perform Heating and Cooling

In the heart of Taylorsville, Utah, Wendy and John faced a common but daunting challenge: their old furnace was failing, and the prospects of a cold home loomed large. Limited by their financial constraints, they were unsure how to proceed. That’s when they learned about the “Assist Program” in Salt Lake City – a beacon of hope for low-income homeowners. Through this program, Brett Nielson and Matt Christensen of Perform Heating and Cooling were offering a lifeline: high-efficiency furnace replacements for those in need.

Perform Heating and Cooling, known for their expertise and community spirit, stepped in to transform Wendy and John’s home heating system. The team removed the existing, inefficient furnace and installed a state-of-the-art York furnace, a model boasting 95-percent efficiency. This high-efficiency, natural gas furnace was not just an upgrade; it was a game-changer for Wendy and John.

The installation process was meticulous and thorough. The team skillfully handled the gas disconnect, ensuring the high voltage electrical systems were safely managed. Their commitment to safety was evident as they ventilated carbon monoxide and combustion air out of the house, adhering strictly to building codes. The low voltage control system installation and high voltage reconnection were executed with precision, reflecting the crew’s high level of training and certification.

A critical aspect of this installation was the attention to environmental and cost efficiency. The York furnace, being 95-percent gas-efficient, promised not only warmth but also reduced energy bills – a significant relief for Wendy and John. The team’s expertise in handling high-pressure flammable natural gas and their adherence to city and government regulations ensured the installation was safe and compliant.

The new furnace came with the assurance of a lifetime heat exchanger warranty, a 10-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty. This investment, made possible through the Assist Program, meant that Wendy and John could enjoy a warm, comfortable home without financial strain.

Perform Heating and Cooling’s partnership with the Assist Program in Taylorsville, Utah, highlights their commitment to community service and energy-efficient solutions. Their expertise in installing and commissioning high-efficiency furnaces like York’s 60K BTU model showcases their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

For residents in Taylorsville and beyond facing heating challenges or seeking energy-efficient solutions, Perform Heating and Cooling stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability. Their partnership with community programs and dedication to providing top-tier heating solutions ensure that every home can enjoy the warmth and efficiency they deserve.

Perform Heating and Cooling’s expertise in HVAC services extends to homes in Taylorsville, Utah, ensuring residents experience unparalleled comfort, superior air quality, and highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Whether it’s advanced furnace replacements, meticulous air conditioner repairs, or the installation of top-tier York high-efficiency systems, their team is committed to delivering exceptional solutions. For those in Taylorsville and nearby areas seeking reliable and efficient HVAC services, look no further than Perform Heating and Cooling.

Their skilled professionals are well-versed in handling 95-percent-efficient natural gas furnaces, ensuring your home is not only warm but also energy-efficient. With a focus on customer satisfaction and technical excellence, they stand as a leading choice for all your heating and cooling needs in Taylorsville.

To learn more about their services or to schedule an appointment, simply fill out the form below. Perform Heating and Cooling is dedicated to helping you achieve the ideal indoor environment for your home in Taylorsville, Utah, with professionalism and care.