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Utah Stump X: Affordable Service for Valerie’s Pearl Stump Removal in Cottonwood Heights Utah

If you have a large, unwanted pear tree stump in your property in Cottonwood Heights Utah, look no further than Utah Stump X. Thanks to the highly-responsive and budget-friendly service rendered by company owner Spencer Townsend, Valerie was able to remove her pearl stump from her outdoor space with a clear conscience and without breaking the bank. The professional and fast-service provided by Spencer and his team equipped Valerie with everything she needed in order to get the job done.

Handled by experienced professionals, the team provided Valerie with two options for removal – stump grinding and stump poisoning. The stump grinding option saw the removal of the pearl stump and roots down to 4-6″ below grade, with the clean-up and backfill (mulch removal not included). This was offered at an affordable price of $225.00. Alternatively, Valerie could opt for the stump poisoning option, which saw the entire pearl stump poisoned before grinding, offering a fast and effective solution to meet her requirements – at a cost of $100.00.

With the total cost of the job coming in at $325.00 (no due payment), Valerie was more than satisfied with the price point. She was able to quickly and easily get rid of her stump and was thrilled with the quality of the service received from Utah Stump X.

Expecting a mere removal service, Valerie was pleasantly surprised to see that her stump-grinding package from Utah Stump X came with much more than just the expected. Along with the removal itself, the package included clean-up and backfill, leaving Valerie’s property looking neat and tidy, and ensuring there was no sign there had ever been a poweful pear tree stump in the space.

Valerie’s ultimate experience with Utah Stump X – from highly responsive and budget-friendly to fast service and thorough clean-up – has left her more than content, and she has little doubt that she’d look to the company again, should other stump removal needs arise.

So, if you have an in-ground pear tree stump in Cottonwood Heights Utah, and are looking for an affordable, fast-service and highly-responsive solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to Spencer and the team at Utah Stump X today.