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Jenn in Herriman, Utah Gets Professional Stump Removal from Utah Stump X

Jenn in Herriman, Utah reached out to Utah Stump X owner Spencer Townsend for help after receiving a referral from Utah Tree Company. Jenn had three stumps that needed to be grinded down and one that was so tiny it could hardly even be classified as a stump.

Spencer and his team specialize in stump grinding, removal, poisoning, and mulch backfill. They took a look at the stumps, assessed the situation and determined that the four stumps needed to be grinded down below grade and any remaining debris needed to be cleaned up and backfilled.

Spencer and his team have many years of experience in the stump-removal business and have been professionally grinding andpoisoning stumps since 2010. They have earned a sterling reputation in the Herriman, Utah area due to their budget-friendly prices, affordable rates and fast service.

Stump removal crew in Herriman, Utah removing a pear stump

Each job has a different price depending on a multitude of factors, such as what type of stump needs to be removed, what type of ground it’s in, and the size of the stump. In Jenn’s case, Spencer and the Utah Stump X team were highly responsive and quickly let Jenn know how much the job was going to cost – a flat fee of $300.

Jenn was very pleased with the budget-friendly price and signed off on the job. The crew from Utah Stump X got to work right away and grinded down the 4 stumps leaving them 4-6 inches below grade. After the job was done, they thoroughly cleaned up the remaining debris and backfilled the area to make sure that Jenn was happy.

End result of stump grinding job in Herriman, Utah

Jenn was very happy with the end result and was glad that she chose the experienced team from Utah Stump X which provided her with an exceptional service and an affordable price.