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New Job Submission for Kody Kendall


Request for: DJ Randall

Randall Electric and Controls, LLC


Customer Name: Kody & Kason Kendall

Phone: (801) 349-9925


Street Address: 1309 S 675 West

City: Woods Cross

Zip: 84087

State: Utah




Hi DJ — following up from our conversation. We have a kitchen light that’s not coming on, and then after swapping out a bulb we have some outlets in the house that have stopped working as well. Our tenant, Doug said that Wednesday from 2PM – 4PM time range works for him.

I’ve attached an image Doug submitted about the electrical:

Please take good images when you make the repair — we save all of the images and notes for the work done on the rental to help us keep track of everything.

Thanks! Text me if you need anything. 801-349-9925