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Meet DJ

Introducing DJ – a dedicated electrician and the passionate owner of Randall Electric and Controls based in Farmington, Utah. With a footprint spanning from Ogden to Provo, Park City, and even as far south as St. George, DJ’s 28 years of experience in the electrical industry has been instrumental in meeting diverse electrical needs across the state.


DJ has been successfully running his own business for the past 14 years, stepping into entrepreneurship when his retiring boss’s customers urged him to start his own venture. Today, his services extend from residential homes to major corporations like AT&T and Lumens. A seasoned expert in his field, DJ is renowned for his insightful diagnoses of complex electrical issues, often pioneering solutions where others might falter.


His quoting process is as clear as it is flexible. For new construction projects, he provides estimates based on drawings that can be emailed to him. However, for troubleshooting electrical issues, DJ prefers to be on-site, allowing him to accurately diagnose the problem. His service call includes a dispatch and two hours of work for $250, with additional charges depending on the specific parts required.


Born and raised in Bountiful, DJ is a proud alumnus of Bountiful High, where his strength and athleticism earned him recognition in powerlifting and wrestling. His love for his community and his trade goes hand in hand with his belief that cubicles are “where souls go to die,” reflecting his passion for hands-on work and building solutions.


When not donning his electrician hat, DJ can be found teeing off at various golf courses across Utah, such as Bountiful Ridge and Davis Park, or delving into a good book. He favors non-fiction, with “Manhunt,” a riveting tale about the hunt for John Wilkes Booth post-Lincoln’s assassination, ranking among his favorite reads.


DJ’s expertise extends beyond traditional electrical work to include the installation of solar panels, LED retrofits, and generators as large as 1.2 megawatts. His innovative approach ensures that your power systems are not only efficient but also safely configured.


DJ’s commitment to his customers is a phone call or text away at 801-499-9088. If you’re seeking an experienced, customer-focused, and innovative electrician who genuinely loves his craft, look no further than DJ at Randall Electric and Controls.

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