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Casey’s Garage-Door Repair in Lehi Utah

Casey was having trouble with their garage-door in Lehi Utah and needed help right away. That’s when they found Powell Garage Doors.

Chris Powell, the owner and operator, was available right away, which was much to Casey’s relief. Chris promised to have the garage-door back up and running in no time.

The Job at Hand

Chris arrived on-site and immediately identified the issue. The garage-strut was broken and in need of repair. To make matters more complicated, the panel that needed replacing was 8×8 and non-insulated brown. The budget for the job was a top priority.

Lehi Utah garage-door repair

Chris considered the job and realized that he could offer the strut for no extra charge, which meant that the total cost of the panel replacement was substantially reduced.

Garage-Door Repair and Replacement

With that problem solved, Chris went to work on the garage-door itself. Within minutes he was able to make repairs and the garage-door was up and running again.

Thanks to Chris’s skilled work, he was able to prevent any future accidents due to a malfunctioning garage-door. Additionally, he was able to install a brand new panel, ensuring that the garage-door will be secure and well-insulated.

A Happy Customer

Casey was pleased with the work that Chris had done and thankful that he had managed to stay within budget. Chris too was satisfied, happy to have prevented an accident and to provide a reliable repair and installation service.

If you’re in the Lehi Utah area and ever experience garage-door issues, you can rely on Chris and Powell Garage Doors. They offer reliable repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement services, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.