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Powell Garage Doors: Garage Door Repair in Pleasant Grove, Utah

When Darek from Pleasant Grove, Utah needed reliable garage door repair, he turned to Powell Garage Doors. Owned and operated by Chris Powell, Powell Garage Doors has been proudly serving the people of Pleasant Grove for years with fast, friendly, and budget-friendly service. From broken garage door panels to garage door installation and emergency repairs, Powell Garage Doors has the experience to get the job done right.

Garage Door Repair: Broken Panel Replacement & Strut Repair

When Darek arrived at Powell Garage Doors, his garage door was in rough shape. The main white 16×8 almond short panel had a broken corner, and the 9×8 almond short panel had been ripped off completely after a particularly disastrous accident. To make matters more complicated, his garage was also in need of a garage strut replacement, as much of the structural integrity had been compromised.

Garage Door Repair in Pleasant Grove

Garage Door Repair: Installation & Repair

Chris and his team of dedicated garage door repair professionals got to work right away assessing the damage, formulating a budget, and scheduling repairs. First, Chris worked on replacing the garage door panels, custom-fitting high-quality, durable panel replacements that would last Darek a lifetime. After the panels were in place, Chris and his team replaced the garage door strut, providing additional floor-to-ceiling support. Finally, the old garage door opener was assessed and necessary repairs and replacements were made, ensuring that the garage door opened and closed like a charm.

Find Reliable Repair at Powell’s Garage Doors

After leaving Powell’s Garage Doors, Darek’s garage door was as good as new. He enjoyed the fast, professional service and the unbeatable prices. Now, he returns to Powell’s Garage Doors whenever he needs any garage door repairs, always confident that Powell’s will get the job done right, on budget, and on time.

For all of your garage door repair needs in Pleasant Grove, Utah and the surrounding area, call Chris Powell at Powell’s Garage Doors. With years of experience and an unbeatable dedication to customer service, you can count on Chris and his team for fast, affordable, and reliable garage door repair.