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Lori & Chris Powell Give South Jordan Utah Residents Affordable Garage Door Solutions

When Lori in South Jordan Utah came home one afternoon, she was shocked to find that two of the windows on her garage door had been broken. What was more surprising was the issue she was having with her keypad; it wasn’t connecting at all. Lori knew she needed some help and fast.

That’s when she found Chris Powell and his company, Powell Garage Doors. She wanted to find relief that met her budget and could get the job done quickly. She reached out to Chris and explained her problem. He listened to all the details and had the perfect solution.

Replacing Windows, Installing Keypads & More for South Jordan Utah Homeowners

Chris explained that replacing the windows and installing a new keypad was the perfect solution for her needs. He offered her affordable options that fit her budget perfectly. Not only that, but Chris offered her the stability of knowing her newly-installed keypad would be totally secure. He even agreed to help her out with any accident involving the door or windo, free of charge for the first year.

Before the work got underway, Lori happily allowed Chris to take a few photos of her garage door. He wanted to remember the project and the details of the job.

a South Jordan Utah garage door with two windows broken and a keypad issue
a worker repairs a broken garage window in South Jordan Utah
a fixed garage window on a South Jordan Utah garage door

Thanks to Chris and the team at Powell Garage Doors, Lori’s South Jordan Utah home was in better shape than ever. With her newly-restored garage door with fixed windows and a reconnected keypad, Lori was relieved to know her home was secure.

Searching for Affordable Garage Door Solutions Near South Jordan Utah? Call Chris Powell

When you’re in need of a reliable Garage Door service team in the South Jordan Utah area, you know who to call: Chris Powell and the team at Powell Garage Doors. With an affordable budget, Chris and his team will help you repair, replace, or install any part of your garage door and windows. They can help out with any type of accident, big or small. So if you’re in need of some help in the South Jordan Utah area, look no further than Chris Powell at Powell Garage Doors.