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Wendy’s Garage Door Repair and Replacement Experience in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Wendy from Pleasant Grove, Utah was in need of a garage door repair and replacement. One day, while backing out of her single car garage, she accidentally backed into the door, causing three of the bottom garage panels to be damaged.

Not wanting to take a chance on the departing door, Wendy went to Home Depot to find an identical door. After doing some research, she believes the door to be a Clopay GR1SU, short panel.

Wendy contacted ProLift, and they suggested she contact Powell Garage Doors, as they work with Clopay products and do a lot of garage door repairs. That’s when Wendy reached out to Chris Powell, the owner of Powell Garage Doors.

Garage Repair & Replacement Budget from Chris Powell

Chris offered to help Wendy decide what door to get, what potential installations would need, and how much the cost would be. After hitting the numbers, he offered to take care of the repair and replacement for a budget friendly rate. It was an easy choice for Wendy.

Garage Door Repair

The Garage Door Installation Process

To install the door Chris and the Powell Garage Doors team would need to remove the damaged structure, and replace it with the full, exact replacement door. The team was very careful to replace Wendy’s garage door so it would look the exact same as the other side.

After the removal of the damaged structure and installation of the new door the team balanced and tested the new Clopay garage door. After completing the installation the team took some extra steps to dress up the finished product so it looked complete and appeasing to the eye.

Garage Door Finished

The Finished Product

When all the dust had settled, Wendy had been given a reliable garage door repair and replacement procedure, delivered to her on a budget. The result was a structurally sound garage door that perfectly matched the other door and perfectly fit the budget she had in mind.

Garage Door Replaced

Thanks to the efforts of Chris and the team at Powell Garage Doors, Wendy’s garage is better than new. Wendy was relieved at the successful garage door repair and replacement and the budget conscious way it was handled.