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Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler, the devoted owner of Nerdin Plumbing, serving the Salt Lake City region with dedicated plumbing services for the past decade. Born and raised in Utah, Tyler’s introduction to the trade came from his uncle, a plumber, paving the way for him to build a strong and enduring career in this vital industry.

Just a year ago, Tyler took the plunge to establish his own independent plumbing service. This move allowed him to bring his own brand of dedicated and efficient service to the people of Utah and Summit County, making Nerdin Plumbing a go-to for many in these areas.

Providing quotes, Tyler makes the process as convenient as possible for his clients. With clear images, he’s often able to provide estimates over the phone, saving time and hassle. However, for more complex issues, he is more than willing to visit on-site for a small fee to ensure a more accurate assessment.

Tyler’s work is not just about pipes and leaks. It’s about bringing peace of mind to his clients, ensuring they have a trusted, reliable, and experienced professional to call upon when plumbing problems arise. His dedication is evident in his service and commitment to his clients, with every job treated as a priority, irrespective of its size.

When he’s not attending to plumbing matters, Tyler is an avid outdoorsman. He spends his free time skiing and mountain biking, exploring Utah’s scenic landscapes, and enjoying the state he proudly calls home.

Visit Nerdin Plumbing at to find out more about the services Tyler offers, or contact him directly to discuss your plumbing needs. With Tyler and Nerdin Plumbing, you’re not just hiring a plumber, you’re engaging a local professional who values his community, understands local plumbing needs, and delivers top-quality service.

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