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Gutter Cleaning in Ogden, UT: See how StumpX Fixed Tara’s Gutter Nightmare

How Stump X Saved Tara from her Gutter Disaster in Ogden, UT

Meet Tara from Ogden, UT, who recently faced a challenging situation with her home’s gutters. As the seasons changed and autumn leaves started falling, she noticed her gutters were clogged, causing water to overflow during rain showers. Concerned about potential damage to her property, Tara decided to seek help and contacted Stump X, a reputable service company based in Ogden.

Ogden Utah, rain gutter clean

Upon inquiry, Mike, the skilled contractor from Stump X, promptly scheduled a visit to Tara’s residence. He arrived equipped with all the necessary tools, ready to tackle the clogged gutter and downspout issues that Tara was facing.

As part of the service, Mike thoroughly inspected the rain gutter and downspouts. He discovered that the downspout on the back of Tara’s garage was clogged, and the emitter was broken. Without hesitation, Mike got to work. He cleaned out the drain and expertly replaced the broken emitter with a new drain basin, ensuring proper water flow and drainage from the gutter.

Ogden Utah, downspout gutter

In addition to the repairs, Mike identified that the underground drain linked to the downspout left of the front door required attention. Using a hydro jet, he cleared the clogged downspout drains, providing a long-lasting solution. Moreover, he included a 6″ catch basin to replace an emitter, enhancing the system’s efficiency.


Ogden Utah, clogged gutter

Stump X’s services also encompassed a thorough cleaning and flushing of all rain gutters and downspout drains to prevent future blockages. As Tara was a loyal client, she enjoyed a 10% discount as a token of appreciation for choosing Stump X for her maintenance needs.

Before wrapping up the job, Mike replaced an old emitter with a new basin, ensuring that Tara’s gutter system was functioning optimally. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Stump X delivered exceptional service at a competitive price.

   Ogden Utah, gutter drain cleaning

After Stump X’s meticulous work, Tara no longer had to worry about overflowing gutters causing damage to her property. The seamless experience with Stump X left her impressed, knowing she could rely on them for future maintenance needs.

Remember, for top-tier gutter cleaning and maintenance services in Ogden, UT, trust Stump X to handle your needs with expertise and professionalism.


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