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Canyon Doors LLC

Meet Justun Steel

Introducing Justun Steel – the owner of Canyon Doors LLC, a company that fixes and installs garage doors for houses and businesses. Justun lives in Twin Falls, ID, and he and his team work all over Magic Valley—from Gooding, Idaho, to places like Burley, Rupert, and even up into the Wood River valley areas like Sun Valley and Halley.


Justun has been working with garage doors for 9 years, but he started his own business, Canyon Doors LLC, 4 years ago. The push to start his own business came from his dad, who is a general contractor. His dad always believed in him and kept saying, “You might as well just start doing your own thing.” When COVID-19 started, it actually helped Justun make the jump to start his own business. Things got really busy because they could still get doors quickly and easily from suppliers, and many people needed their services.


When you need to know how much something will cost, Justun’s team can usually figure it out over the phone. They’ll send you a text message or email with the estimate, and it doesn’t cost anything to find out how much a job will be.


Justun’s not all about work, though. He’s got a big family with five kids that keep him very busy. He loves doing sports and spending time outdoors with his family, like riding bikes.


Justun grew up in Gooding, Idaho, and went to Gooding High School. Fun fact: Brady Coleman’s wife is his cousin!


So, if you’re in Magic Valley and need help with your garage door, Justun and his team at Canyon Doors LLC are the people to call. They’re all about great service, and they’re just a phone call (or text) away at 208-358-3553. Whether you need a new garage door or just need to fix the one you have, Justun’s your guy. Plus, he’s all about family and community, making him not just a great business owner but a great person to know.

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