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A Luxurious Bathroom Makeover by CG Plumbing in Bountiful, UT

In the charming city of Bountiful, UT, 

Jeanette and Mark decided it was time to bid farewell to their old bathroom fixtures and embrace a modern, more functional space. They entrusted CG Plumbing, renowned for its expertise and precision, to bring their vision to life. The task at hand was comprehensive: replacing an old shower valve, removing a cast iron tub, and installing a slew of new fixtures.

The project kicked off with the removal of the outdated shower valve, a critical component that had served its time. In its place, CG Plumbing installed a new posi-temp shower valve, an advanced solution offering better temperature control and safety features. This upgrade marked the first step in transforming their bathroom into a haven of comfort and efficiency.

Carson, the meticulous owner of CG Plumbing, and his team then sweated on five female copper to PEX adapters. This step was essential for seamlessly integrating the new fixtures with the existing plumbing system. PEX, known for its durability and flexibility, was an ideal choice for this modernization project.

The elegance of the bathroom was further elevated with the installation of a TL181 chrome shower trim kit. This sleek and stylish addition not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also offered improved functionality to Jeanette and Mark’s shower experience.

A significant milestone in the project was the removal of the old cast iron tub, a task that required skill and precision. In its place, a new 32″x60″ Bootcast tub was installed. This modern tub not only added a touch of luxury but also provided increased durability and ease of maintenance.

Additionally, CG Plumbing installed a new posi-temp shower valve with a tub bullet, ensuring a harmonious balance between the shower and tub functionalities. The team also installed a new shower drop ear and provided backing for a slide bar, further augmenting the shower’s versatility.

The bathroom’s transformation was nearing completion with the installation of a new Watco 601 chrome kit. The drainage system for the new tub was re-plumbed, ensuring efficient water flow and leak prevention. Every connection and fixture was meticulously tested for leaks, a testament to CG Plumbing’s commitment to quality and detail.

The materials used in this extensive remodel included the posi-temp shower valve and tub bullet, TL181 chrome shower trim kit, multiple PEX adapters and pipes, the Bootcast tub, wood for structural support, and the Watco 601 chrome kit, among others. These high-quality materials were chosen for their reliability and aesthetic appeal, aligning with Jeanette and Mark’s vision for their bathroom.

While the majority of the work has been completed, CG Plumbing plans to return to add a gas line and a soft water bib, further enhancing the functionality of Jeanette and Mark’s bathroom.

This project is a shining example of CG Plumbing’s ability to transform spaces with precision and care in Bountiful, UT. Whether it’s a full bathroom remodel or specific plumbing needs, Carson and his team stand ready to deliver exceptional results.


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For those in Bountiful, UT, looking to upgrade their plumbing systems or embark on a bathroom remodel, CG Plumbing is the go-to expert. Their blend of skill, use of quality materials, and attention to customer needs ensure a satisfactory outcome every time.