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Affordable Stump Grinding in Draper, UT: Free Consultation

Stump X: Expert Stump Removal and More in Draper, UT

Meet Guy from Draper, UT, a homeowner with a beautiful garden who needed professional stump removal services. He reached out to Stump X, a renowned company in the area known for their top-notch services. Mike, the skilled contractor from Stump X, quickly responded and scheduled a visit to assess the job.

Upon inspection, Mike recommended stump grinding, ensuring the stump would be removed 4-6″ below the ground level, leaving Guy’s garden neat and tidy. The service also included backfilling with mulch to enhance the aesthetics of the area. Guy was pleased with the detailed explanation and agreed to the affordable price of $150 for this specialized service.

Draper Stump Grinding Service

In addition to stump grinding, Guy opted for root chasing to address potential issues with overgrown roots. This meticulous service, priced at $100, ensured that the roots were properly dealt with, promoting a healthier garden environment for Guy’s plants.

Draper Root Chasing Service

With both stump grinding and root chasing services completed efficiently by Mike and the team at Stump X, Guy’s garden was transformed into a pristine outdoor space. The total price of $250 was a worthy investment for the quality work and exceptional customer service provided.

Stump X’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail truly set them apart in the service industry. Whether you require trunk removal, stump grinding, root chasing, or mulch backfill, Stump X is the go-to company in Draper, UT, for all your landscaping needs.


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